Why is healthcare so expensive?

The US has the highest healthcare costs in the World. It also arguably has the best healthcare in the World, but the superiority of the quality doesn’t warrant the extreme difference in cost.

Why is the cost so high?

I think one reason is that healthcare provides love to milk the system. Here’s something that happened to me recently.

Like so many other Americans, I was prescribed cholesterol medication a while ago. After about 6 weeks, my doctor wanted to test my blood for efficacy of the drug and for side effects. So she gave me two appointments, one to see her to draw the blood and one to come back and discuss the results. Now, I told my doctor that I had a lot of work to do and I questioned the need to come in for two office visits just to check some blood. After pushing her a bit, she admitted that I could really go to any lab location and have them draw some blood and them she would call me if they found anything worth discussing.

So all she was doing was to try to have me come in for two completely unnecessary office visits, for which she would have billed my insurance company $100-200 a pop.

This goes on ALL the time!

A few years ago I had some minor infection on a toenail and I was given a “nail polish” to put on the nail that was supposed to kill off the infection. The foot doctor had me come in every week to check on my toe, like it was some life threatening issue. I finally got fed up with wasting so much time in his waiting room that I told him I was just going to follow the directions on the box and call him if the drug didn’t work or I had side effects. Why couldn’t he have told me to do that in the first place?

I’m definitely not complaining about the healthcare I get here. It’s excellent and I love the freedom to choose whatever healthcare provider I want! But the problem is that it’s almost TOO excellent. No one needs to see a doctor twice to draw some blood or weekly to check out a trivial nail infection.


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